Perfect Teacher

The Great Blue Heron Doesn't know he is fishing

Perfect Teacher

The Great Blue Heron
Doesn’t know he is fishing
Alert eyes fathom the shallows
Without expectation
Suddenly a plunge of beak
Fish glints silver in alien air
A toss of head and plume
An undulant swallow
Then the still life pose resumes
Without goal or memory
A lesson in perfect mindfulness
Reflected in the still pond
To emphasize the point.
Copyright Deborah A. McGlauflin December 1995. All rights reserved.

Debbi was born and spent much of her childhood in the Great State of Maine.   She has traveled throughout much of the world, and now lives with her husband and their collie in Annapolis, MD with a view of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. She works for 84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha (   She practices Tibetan Buddhism as  a student of Sogyal Rinpoche and a member of Rigpa.  She writes poetry about places she loves and about walking a spiritual path.


Photo Credit:  © Cappi Thompson |

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