Working With The Shadow


Working With The Shadow

"One does not become enlightened by imagining light 
but by making the darkness conscious.
" Carl Jung

Before watching any of the videos think about what the shadow means to you.

Starting with the first video, Meet your Shadow, watch each video in turn and reflect on your thoughts and feelings after each one.

Having watched all of the videos how have your feelings changed towards your shadow? 

 1. Welcome me home and I will be healed and you will be healed too.


Read More2. I represent all of the aspects of your personality that you cannot face.


3. Think of me as representing all of your disowned archetypes. I am one and I am many.

4. To maintain the Tao, or balance, you must live in harmony with power and powerlessness. Until you embrace me you cannot own your true power.

5. Your rejection of me is a big mistake! I will be heard! I surround you with selfish people, often with hidden motives or ulterior agendas. You have been duped many times.


Gavin Boyd is  a college lecturer with personal interests in Jungian Psychology and economic justice. He uses his site to promote his interests. He intends, in time, to include short online courses involving reclaiming the shadow and working with inner wisdom. 

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