H-Bomb Test Site a Canvas for World's Largest Painting

Beginning & End, references the fact that Bikini atoll was an H-bomb test site, that's part of human history. Rather than disguise the fact, this is the place where radiation is safely contained, why not use it to make a resonating statement about the Marshal Islands as a far flung place, that's paid its dues to participate in the global village, with a loud voice in the collectivity of human fate.


H-Bomb Test Site a Canvas for World's Largest Painting

Bikini Lines is a contest to create & document the world's largest painting for the benefit of children orphaned in the March 2011 Japanese disasters, and this is one of my submissions. Find out posting rules & much, much more at www.bikinilines.net

Mark Dolamore is a British artist, now in his mid fifties. In his late twenties, he experienced an epiphany through the Jungian phenomena of synchronicity. This sent him off to live and work in Brazil, where perhaps the greatest discovery ever about the true nature of beauty was granted him. Its been a long road bringing it to public attention.

Mark’s art proposal for the Bikinilines project, is designed to do that while covering the concrete dome built by the US Army to safely house atomic garbage at Bikini Atoll. His is a stunning signature piece of museum quality art entitled: Beginning & End. The piece, as the title, embodies a cultural resonance and interpretation that is of itself apocalyptic (which actually means lifting the veil on misconception). It encompasses human spiritual identity and the idea of our origins and goals. This references the whole ambiguity we feel surrounding the fact that the location of the proposed art was once an H-bomb test site and that's part of human history that cannot be erased or swept under the carpet, so to speak. It’s a positive thing if one counts the success of deterrence that has maintained relative peace from 1945. Looking at it that way, this place has been instrumental in bringing states closer through communication rather than conquest. Why disguise the legacy, and the fact this is the place where harmful radiation is safely contained, why not use it to make a resonating statement about the Marshall Islands as a far flung archipelago, whose population have paid their dues to participate in the global village, and are therefore entitled to a loud voice even today in the collectivity of human fate where many complex issues remain unresolved. 

Mark’s preferred "smiley face" color is symbolically cheery and optimistic, like the islanders themselves, though he offers two further color way proposals. The irregularity of the symbols, as if hand scratched almost ineptly, by a child, is intended for the full scale rendering, to remind us of the continual need to relearn, for which language, the origins of meaning and the importance of listening are all indispensable. The design is proposed for simplicity of execution and maximum graphic impact, to suggest itself also as the world’s belly button, set against the blue of the ocean and the grey green island. The color approximates uranium yellow to make the dome stand out like a punctuation mark on the planet surface. Bikini Atoll is among the first places on Earth to see a new day, so it’s also like a calibration mark on the planet, being just west of the dateline, and virtually on the equator. Symbolically and significantly, this links it to ancient Delphi also, a place known by the ancient Greeks as the belly button of their world. The symbolism behind Mark’s art is derived mathematically from that other great ancient oracle of oriental origin: the I Ching. It all fits quite magically and if mark’s design is selected, it will be viewable on Google Earth as an icon for world peace, from any computer around the globe.

Mark asks that everyone reading this article kindly be his mission partner, to help him be chosen as the author of the world biggest ever art. Vote for Mark's design by going to this link and click the favorite star at the top left of the page. You'll need to be logged into flickr first. If you would then write a brief comment in the box provided undernieth it, all these contributions will be considered by the administrators in the artist selection process.

More info on Mark's Pyramid symbolism can be found here


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